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Randy here!

Just stopping in with some news bits for the first day of June.

With the movie X-Men: First Class opening up on Friday (and looking really great!), Hot Toys has announced that they have the license to produce 1/6 scale figures. from the movie.

This comes on the heels of the long-rumored, but finally announced license of Superman-The Movie by Hot Toys as well. As you can see below, the facial portrait is absolutely spot-on.

No word on when to expect the X-Men: First Class figures, but Sideshow Toy has a standard and exclusive edition of Superman up for pre-order, due 4th Quarter 2011.

While I’m happy to see Hot Toys doing more licenses, I’d like to know what’s happening with the OTHER licenses like Sucker Punch and Avatar? With so few accessories, why is Superman over $200US? What figure(s) will be produced from X-Men: First Class since Wolverine isn’t in it?

The first look at Mattel’s DC Universe Wave 19 assortment has been posted over at MTV Geek… strangely enough. The wave is heavily influence by JSA including Atom (Al Pratt), Hawkman (Golden Age), Magog, Kobra, Sandman (Wesley Dodds) and Stargirl with the Collect & Connect figure being S.T.R.I.P.E. While no release date has been give, I expect it will likely be late 2011.

And NECA’s fine 1/4 scale Predator figure has started hitting Toys R Us here in the US. I found the Masked version at TRU Burbank myself the other day-that version was masked.

An interesting note: according to NECA, the 3 versions of the 1/4 scale Predator (Masked, Open-Mouthed and Closed Mouth) were produced in a run of only 5000 pieces of each! So holding off on purchasing might not be the best idea!

And it’s nice to see that in the 21st Century, we are still hard at work solving one of the greatest problems to hindre Mankind: Why no jetpacks?

It ain’t no Boba Fett, but that sucker went up 5000 feet, stayed aloft for ten minutes and parachute deploy!

That it for now. Looking forward to X-Men: First Class this week. Then we get Green Lantern later on and THEN Captain America in July!
Helluva time to be a comic & movie fan!

We’ll talk again soon!


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