Hot Toys and Winson Classic Creation’s – Apexplorers Ice & Laser normal version

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Winson Classic Creation x Hot Toys: Apexplorers – Ice & Laser Action Figure (Normal Version)

~ OEM Series ~

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Ice & Laser Action Figure (Normal Version) from the Apexplorers 2106 series created and designed by Winson Classic Creation. This figure is fully poseable, highlighting the unique style of Ice, detailed weapons, and the real-like husky sculpture Laser as accessory.

The 1/6th scale Apexplorers – Ice & Laser Action Figure (Normal Version) specially features:

-              Approximately 28 cm tall

-              TrueType body with over 28 points of articulations

-              Yarn-knitted hair

-              Tattoo on forehead and two (2) sides of face

-              Two (2) pairs of interchangeable palms including:

-              One (1) pair of gloved palms (left one for holding knife, spear or shield; right one for holding handgun)

-              One (1) pair of palms (left relaxed palm and right one for holding handgun)


-              One (1) khaki-colored coat with brown-colored feather-like materials and straps as pattern

-              One (1) piece of long-sleeved greyish-green fleece jacket

-              One (1) piece of purple-colored scarf

-              One (1) pair of khaki-colored feather-like pants

-              One (1) pair of brown-colored hiking boots

-              One (1) pair of khaki-colored detachable leg warmers with brown-colored straps


-              One (1) handgun

-              One (1) knife

-              One (1) spear with a string of beads as accessory

-              One (1) shield


-              One (1) real-like husky sculpture called Laser with detailed brown- and khaki-colored painting

-              One (1) piece of black- and orange-colored jacket for husky together with pouch with carabiners included

-              One (1) neck strap linked to the vest with GPS in the middle, leather-like knife and handgun sheaths on both sides of neck

-              Figure stand

Product Code:   OM110221

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

Release date:     June, 2011

© 2011 All Rights Reserved by Winson Classic Creation Limited.
Product created and designed by Winson Classic Creation Limited.
Manufactured by Hot Toys Limited.

More about Ice & Laser:

Ice (Human)

Trait:        Rude but brave, warm-hearted

Status:       Foster daughter of Otto, will be the one who saves the earth.


A special girl who was born in the Himalayas and adopted by Otto. She went to

America with Otto and found out that she has mysterious strength. However, she has nightmares


Laser (Husky)

Trait:        Brave and Loyal

Status:       The guardian and safe guard of Ice


Laser is a pure-blooded Husky. Since Ice was borne, Laser took very good care of her, and considered it as its destiny. It decided to ward over Ice unconditionally. It has a special strength when facing difficulties, especially if Ice is in danger.

Laser has a red crystal hanging on its neck, which was the belonging of Ice’s mother.

About the Apexplorers 2106 series:

Humans have unlimited wants, with respect to limited resources.

In 1957, the US was not satisfied with her achievements in the earth, thus start to compete with the Soviet Union for the outer space.

Dr. King, the famous scholar in the NASA sent Chimpanzee Adam to the spaceship. Adam was manipulated with high technology. He had an electronic chip in his body. Adam lost in the space so he turned on the ‘Next Human Generation’ programme to integrate its genes with human’s DNA and evolved into Apeman. The Apeman multiplied quickly and soon the Apempire was established.

Years after, Adam met V-Black, an injured bear that was sent to the space by the Soviet Union for the space experiment. Adam operated ‘Next Human Generation’ programme on him and made his generation the workers in the Apempire. V-Black aimed to usurp Adam’s throne. He also wanted to revenge on human.

As the 21st century came, tons of natural disasters happened. The governments planned to migrate to the Mars. One third of the people insisted to stay on the earth.

Adam, with the help of Eve (his wife), Wome (the astronomer), Cool (the Martial drillmaster) and Jungle, Dr X, T-rex, Coco (the Apexplorers), found the way to rebuild the eco-system of the earth.

Adam appointed the Apexplorers find the girl with the supernatural power to open the Five Doors, which are the keys to the ecology. In the earth, they started the adventures with Ice, Rona, Channel, etc.

Can they succeed in saving the world and the surviving human?

It is unknown as they are still working hard on it…

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