DC Direct Figures and Some News

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Ok So as many of you have, I have been wondering what is going on with DC Direct! Not only because of the fact that they had no action figure solicitations this month, but because they took the DC Direct button off the top menu bar.

But I talked to a higher up in DC Direct and he told me that DC Direct is definitely moving forward. This is good news to me because I think they really fill a valuable place in the collectors market. Personally I really hope to get my hands on a lot more product this year and  do a lot more coverage of DC Direct, especially product reviews.

So now let’s take a look at their latest action figure offerings.

DC has been having Flashpoint Friday’s as prelude to one of DC’s one of DC’s next big comic events involving the Flash family and other parts of the DCU.

DC Direct Flashpoint Series 1 Batman Wonder Woman Cyborg Flash

I really like the fact DC can give the figures while your still enjoying the story.

Here is my take on these figures.

Flash looks nice and we have needed Barry Allen Flash figure that looks in his regular union suit. To me it looks a little off ,as in strange especially through the stomach/torso area but it is probably just the art style it is based on.

Ok with Batman we begin to understand that this story will involve time travel or alternate universe, both of which I’m cool with.

Batman himself is a very good concept. The suit is great looking. Love the red eyes and belt. I could have done without the red circle behind the bat though.

Wonder Woman looks like the love child of Hippolita and King Arthur. I am not saying she is not great looking, I’m just sayin…  I like it, it’s a fresh approach. She retains he bracelets but is the sword the sword of truth?

Cyborg looks awesome. He looks a lot older though. The verbiage sounds like he and Diana will be going at it. I think not only is this a cool figure but also hopefully a great leap in his character development.


SO all in all this is a good wave, and really it makes me look forward to reading Flashpoint.

 How about you?  What do you think?

I f didn’t see the Retro Action DC Superheroes, please be sure to take a look and get your questions in for Toy Fair!

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  1. demoncat February 11, 2011 at 2:35 am ·

    Liking the look of wonder woman she looks like she will be some sort of warrior again. though hope the helment comes off of her. batman the red eyes make me think maybe Bruce has some super natural power. Cyborg love the upgrade going to have to get him.

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