Masters of the Universe Shadow Beast

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Masters of the Universe Shadow Beast

The Masters of the Universe Shadow Beast will be going on sale February 15th and I want to give you and advanced look at this huge figure.
It is quite large window box packaging that allows you to get an idea of what you will be getting and seems to be standard for this toy line.


The back has a brief bio. This guy is an army builder? This thing is huge!! Who would have this much space? Man you get a few of these things and you would have gigantic army, if not is quantity in mass.

Getting him out involved pulling out a bunch tabs the followed the curvature of the box.

You have to take him out from the side by just sliding him out.

Once he is out, he is still attached to his plastic bed.

I think the head sculpt is a lot like Rottweiler with a horn and goatee.

Overall it is a nice sculpt all the way around.

They did a decent job simulating his fur.

They hands and feet look more like something that you would find on a chicken. What did they do on Eternia cross a dog, ape and a chicken?

His arms at least are very articulated.

what is this


He also comes with a club that is basically a tree trunk he put spikes on.

I was actually pretty impressed with this club; they definitely didn’t phone it in. From the tree like texture to the leather wrapped handle, it really is cool.

The club fits into his claws nicely. I did have trouble putting in his hands and him holding it front of his body. He kept falling forward.

I did find the reason for his falling forward, he is hollow. You can squeeze his middle in without much effort. This isn’t a knock because it a very good figure but you do need to know it. Notwithstanding I do wish he was more substantial.

I do wish the made some DC stuff this size.


Just Because You’re Bigger Doesn’t Mean You’re Better 


So don’t forget Febuary 15th, build your army of Shadow Beasts!! Here is a link. 


All in all, he is good figure, make sure to get on early and be ready. He won’t last long. 

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2 Comments on "Masters of the Universe Shadow Beast"

  1. Doc Owen January 29, 2011 at 4:36 pm ·

    I really think this will do good for us.

  2. Doc Owen January 29, 2011 at 4:37 pm ·

    I still think the font is small though. what does everyone else think?

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